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  • Russian Bear Cub—School Contest of Russian Language
  • Russian Bear Cub—School Contest of Russian Language

Russian Bear Cub—School Contest of Russian Language

The Russian Bear Cub Contest is considered the “younger brother” of the Kangaroo international math contest, a much loved contest enjoying popularity among children around the globe. The Ayb Educational Foundation is the exclusive organizer of the "Russian Bear Cub—Linguistics for All" International Russian Language Contest in Armenia (since 2010) and in Artsakh (since 2011). The main goal of the contest is to spur general interest toward the Russian language, unveil its beauty and richness for students, and encourage them to participate in engaging international competitions.


The 2019 Russian Bear Cub Contest was held on November 14 in Armenia and a total of 8182 students (studying in the 2nd-12th grades) from 303 schools in Armenia and 17 schools in Artsakh took part in it.

We congratulate all participants, both students and schools, and express our gratitude for properly organizing and successfully holding the contest. We hope the number of participants will increase from year to year.


The contest results have already been summed up to reveal 378 prizewinners, 74 of which have registered best results, and the Russian Bear Cub 2019 has two winners: Arpi Muradyan - 5th grade (Yerevan sсhool No. 171) and Svyatoslav Savchuk - 4th grade (School «Usmunk» of Armenian-Russian University). Detailed reports on students’ results have been sent to all participating schools.


The list of the 2019 Russian Bear Cub prizewinners and all participating schools is available here.

The 2019 Russian Bear Cub tasks and answers are available here.

All participating schools and students will receive participation certificates, and students with the best results will be awarded diplomas and consolation prizes.

Тhe аward Ceremonies. We would like to inform you that the awards ceremony of the Russian Bear Cub 2019 and Meghu 2019 Contests will not be held in the format of past years due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, the prize-winners will definitely receive their prizes. The Ayb Foundation will additionally inform schools where and when to receive prizes.


You can download the following materials of the contest:

Contests Procedure


Please be informed that participants can make a payment via Telcell and EasyPay terminals or in VTB Bank branches. In case of paying through terminals, make sure you know the code of your school.


For Payment:

The list of school codes

The guide of paying through Telcell

The guide of paying through EasyPay

VTB Bank account


The tasks and answers of the Russian Bear Cub Contest from 2014 to 2018:

2014 tasks and answers

2015 tasks and answers

2016 tasks and answers

2017 tasks and answers

2018 tasks and answers


Russian Bear Cub helps further the popularization of the Russian language in Armenia, improves students’ linguistic thinking and gives extra motivation to study new foreign languages.



We thank all the organizations listed below for their valuable support in the realization of this project:


Slovo Ltd. 
RA Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport
Ministry of Education, Science and Sports of Artsakh
ABBYY Company
VTB Bank (Armenia)
Krtutyun Weekly
Mediamax News Agency
Vem Radio

over 8,000

students from 320 schools in Armenia and Artsakh

participated in Russian Bear Cub 2019

  • Russian Bear Cub—School Contest of Russian Language
  • Russian Bear Cub—School Contest of Russian Language
  • Russian Bear Cub—School Contest of Russian Language
  • Russian Bear Cub—School Contest of Russian Language

2 winners and 378 awardees

in Russian Bear Cub 2019


2 to 12 graders are eligible to participate.

All those who want to participate may sign up at school and take part in the competition.


The contest is held directly at school.

in a familiar environment for the students.


Tasks are logical and engaging.

The tasks are geared towards developing students’ linguistic thinking and abilities.


Knowledge of specific rules is not necessary.

The tasks of the contest do not depend on specific learning programs or curricula.


There are no prerequisites to participation.

The competition is held in one round and on the same day, without any qualifying rounds.


School results are not compared with each other.

This is not the goal of the competition. Each student competes with himself, revealing his own potential and testing his knowledge in Russian language and literature.


All participants receive certificates and souvenirs.

It is a key principle in all countries that students receive small souvenirs on the day of the competition, and all participating schools and students are awarded certificates of participation.