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  • Pre-Tournament Workshop for the Community of Young Chemists’ Tournament

Pre-Tournament Workshop for the Community of Young Chemists’ Tournament

20 April / 2021

With the Tournament of Young Chemists coming up, the Ayb Educational Foundation organized a workshop for coaches and team members, to better prepare them for the “chemical” battles and impressive results. Sona Simonyan, an experienced coach with an impressive record of participation and wins at national and international rounds of tournaments for young chemists, presented her experience and observations to the 57 workshop participants (students and coaches). She was joined by Raffi Shahmuradyan and Emma Martirosyan, who used to participate in the tournament as high school and then university students, and even made it to the international rounds. They talked about the nuances and subtleties of the preparation for the tournament from a participant’s standpoint.

Sona Simonyan has been part of the Tournament of Young Chemists since 2012. Throughout these years, she has trained teams from different schools, having accrued a vast expertise in the Armenian and international tournaments, and is now ready to share the little secrets, subtleties and tricks that will help both newbie and experienced teams to better prepare and participate. Ms. Simonyan pinpointed the importance of scientific preparedness by reading scientific literature and of the knowledge of mathematics and natural sciences in ensuring a successful participation in the tournament. The trainer also attached importance to well-honed discussion skills and logical presentation, as well as the role of coaches in inspiring children and instilling love of science in them. In her opinion, it is no less important to ensure that the discussions are spectacular.

Raffi Shahmuradyan, the host of the Tournament of Young Chemists and author of the tournament questions, imparted to the participants some practical advice and his own preparation “algorithm.” On the example of the question on alkaloids, assigned to the participants during the previous tournament, Raffi explained how to search and find reliable scientific articles, and how to take notes from them and classify them in order to make the presentation more plausible. In addition, Sona Sargsyan, a participant of an international chemistry tournament, presented one of the assigned topics, followed by the opponent’s feedback and review. Raffi and Emma, who implemented the processes, demonstrated their opponency and review skills as well as the peculiarities of asking and answering questions.

The workshop organizers, speakers and participants highlighted the importance of the Tournament of Young Chemists in evoking a sustainable interest towards chemistry among learners from an early age and further determining their choice of profession.

ProfHolod is the sponsors of the Tournament of Young Chemists, have made a great contribution to the organization of the tournament. This proves that private companies can have a great contribution to the development and practical expression of scientific thought.

The finals of the Tournament of Young Chemists will take place on May 9, and all the chemistry fans can follow the impressive battles via the Facebook page of the Ayb Educational Foundation.

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