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You donated, we doubled

23 October / 2020


The Ayb Educational Foundation launched its own fundraising initiative on October 12, joining the fundraising campaign "We Are Our Borders; All for Artsakh” of Hayastan All-Armenian Fund. The aim was to unite the community’s potential and double the collected donations.


“You donate, we double it”: in the scope of such an inspiring campaign, in just 4 days, the Ayb community and its friends doubled more than had been planned initially. Instead of the planned $55,000, the major donors of Ayb doubled the donations of $60,000.

As a result, USD 125,118 has already been transferred to Hayastan All-Armenian Fund.


Many thanks to each of you, for each penny; we are proud that you are members and friends of the big and united community of Ayb. Together we are strong and a big support to our country.

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