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  • Mike Yan's Formula for Success: a Magician, a Psychologist or a Successful Startupper?

Mike Yan's Formula for Success: a Magician, a Psychologist or a Successful Startupper?

23 April / 2021

This year when the Ayb Educational Foundation celebrates its 15th anniversary, its Formula for Success presents the most interesting and unique speakers. This time we hosted Mike Yan, co-founder and CEO of ManyChat. It was possible to participate in the meeting both by personally coming to Ayb School and following the live stream. Mike Yan presented his success story, touching upon various topics—from career choices and useful books to the secrets of successful teamwork, and also the advantages of being the son of David Yang, artificial intelligence guru and Ayb's co-founder.


At the beginning of the meeting, Mike talked about ManyChat and his path, then the attendees started to ask questions. ManyChat is a leading platform in the field of messenger marketing. It is used by more than 1 million companies in about 160 countries with the purpose of conducting marketing, sales and customer service through Facebook Messenger and other messengers. Currently Manychat has 140 employees working in the company's offices of California and Moscow. Mike also spent his school years in Russia and the USA and as he mentions, that period was important as it was during that time that he met his best friends. His first profession and hobby is magic (illusion), which has helped him throughout his life. While implementing various tricks, magicians learn to control people's attention as well as distract people when necessary.


Mike is a psychologist by profession; he attaches importance to the role of this profession in the field of business, as today business constantly solves problems directly relating to psychology. In the meantime, it is very important to correctly communicate with customers, clearly drawing up your own questions in order to get the right answers as much as possible.  To develop this skill Mike advised to read the book "The Mom Test," which will help to reveal the secrets of communication with customers.


The attendees wondered which are the most necessary steps for success according to our speaker. In Mike’s opinion, there is no only one right way. The important thing is to choose your path and go after your goal. Success equally depends on having a strong team and a good idea. Another important factor is the market you are working for. Talking about the principles of effective communication applied in the organization he leads, Mike touched upon the importance of right cooperation and communication between staff members. There are organizations where sincere communication is not welcome, which later causes big problems. There are also other organizations that encourage extremely sincere and open communication, which in its turn can eventually lead to problems. In this regard, according to Mike, it is necessary to be moderately open and constructive in communication, so that colleagues have arguments that are always about ideas, not people. It is no less important to train your mind and ask yourself positive questions, making sure that you will succeed and people will believe in your idea. To this end, you can read various self-help books and develop the habit and patterns of positive thinking.


At the end of the meeting, Davit Sahakyan, moderator of the meeting and head of Ayb School, asked whether being David Yang's son helps Mike or creates difficulties for him. Mike mentioned that his father is a wonderful example for him on his way from idea to success and he has learned a lot from him. Seeing personally how his father worked on his own projects, Mike first learned to always pay attention to every detail. Mike mentioned that his Armenian grandmother has also had a great influence on him and he is always looking forward to coming to Armenia. He concluded his speech telling he was impressed seeing the opportunities created by Ayb School, which provides all necessary conditions for a student to receive education that meets the requirements of the 21st century.

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