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  • Khan Academy Armenia Has Won an EU Grant

Khan Academy Armenia Has Won an EU Grant

18 May / 2021

As part of the EU COVID-19 Solidarity Program for the Eastern Partnership, the Ayb Educational Foundation has received a grant from the People in Need Charitable NGO to ensure free quality education in the Armenian language for the students and teachers in Shirak, Lori and Kotayk marzes.

As part of the program, it is envisaged to conduct remote and on-site workshops for around 1500 middle and high school students and 150 teachers of natural sciences and mathematics. The focus of attention will be on the students and teachers from rural schools and on those displaced from Artsakh.

As you may know, Khan Academy is a global educational platform with a mission to ensure high-quality education to anyone and anywhere. Since the establishment of the Khan Academy Armenia platform, over 35 000 video lessons and 40 000 exercises and articles on various subjects, ranging from mathematics, chemistry, biology and physics to humanities, computer science and programming, have been localized. The current priority for us is to expand the section of science and technologies, to enable its use by all students and teachers in learning and teaching.

The EU-funded project will be implemented in the following phases:

— Organization of qualification training courses and workshops for 150 teachers of science and technology subjects from Shirak, Lori and Kotayk marzes, to facilitate the use of Khan Academy Armenia’s materials and tools, upgrade the current teaching methods, implement remote and hybrid-mode education, including interactive student-centered learning, and promote students' motivation towards learning;
— Organization of workshops and promotion of a self-learning culture for continuous education for 1500 middle and high school students from Shirak, Lori and Kotayk marzes, while encouraging the use of online educational platforms as an additional means of education;
— Provision of continuous teacher mentoring and assistance, and exchange of experience via webinars featuring active members from Khan Academy’s teacher community and involving participant teachers from marzes.

We are sure that everyone will benefit from the expansion of Khan Academy’s platform, which will ultimately serve our goal to ensure that free world-class and high-quality education in the Armenian language is available to anyone and anywhere. We are also positive that, owing to our innovative education methods, the expansion of the platform will contribute to the sustainable development of the science and technology sector in the marzes, while the active student and teacher communities established as a result of the program will pioneer the process. 

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