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  • Being educated is one of the best manifestations of patriotism

Being educated is one of the best manifestations of patriotism

30 October / 2020


Grigori Artazyan graduated from the Physics and Mathematics Specialized School named after A. Shahinyan this year. He is a participant of Kangaroo 2020 and has participated in this contest every year since the third grade. He is a big math fan, and he believes that despite all the issues that emerged, the first online Kangaroo was very innovative and considerably helped to save time. 


Apart from mathematics, Grigori is also a fan of technologies, physics and innovations. He has made up his mind to pursue his education abroad.

“Last year I got admitted to several universities but due to the pandemic, there were some issues with the scholarships. Thus, I’ve postponed it to next year but am now applying to higher-ranking universities instead.

Since I have always been inspired by Kangaroo and math, I followed in the steps of this affection to the Physics and Mathematics School. Kangaroo is all about solving life problems; it makes life more interesting! There are so many things around us that have to do with mathematics; I love logical and analytical thinking, which is exactly what Kangaroo teaches.

So, I’ve decided to pursue my education in the field of mechanical and air space engineering. I have always been fond of planes and flying objects, and the “air section” of physics has always fascinated me, and particularly now that we are in war, the importance of this field simply cannot be overestimated. My dream is to establish an innovative engineering company that would deal with mechanical learning in our country.

Many say that I am not patriotic as I want to leave for abroad to study. Yet I think that one can  receive quality education abroad to be back and bring forth positive changes in one’s homeland. Being educated is one of the best manifestations of patriotism. Apart from applying to different universities, I am currently involved in volunteering. I am teaching the SAT test to kids and am interested in the statistical data of the Kangaroo contest, which, I believe, can serve as basis for some fascinating research.

I am sure that #WeWillWin, because our knowledge is our power!”

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