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  • A New Educational Research Platform from Ayb Foundation
  • A New Educational Research Platform from Ayb Foundation
  • A New Educational Research Platform from Ayb Foundation
  • A New Educational Research Platform from Ayb Foundation

A New Educational Research Platform from Ayb Foundation

01 September / 2020

The online educational research platform for Ayb contests has been launched. For already 10 years, the Ayb Educational Foundation has been organizing mass contests and within these years, it has built a large and comprehensive database containing relevant information on various developments and phenomena within the field of education.


The data collected within the past 10 years served as basis for various analyses conducted and are presented as interactive components on the online platform. The data may also serve as a solid base for further research activities in the field of education, which is a noticeable gap to be addressed in our country. Aram Pakhchanian, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Ayb Foundation, Sona Koshetsyan, Executive Director, Habet Madoyan and Vahe Movsisyan, founders of Datamotus company, Manuk Hergnyan, founder of EV Consulting, and Serob Khachatryan, education expert, were invited as speakers to the online presentation of the platform.

As Aram Pakhchanian observed, there is, sadly, no culture of data-based research in our country, and the platform can be one important step toward scientific research activity and a culture of data-driven decision-making.


The analysis data from the Kangaroo, Meghu and Russian Bear Cub contests and the comparison of the results of the mentioned three contests are presented on the platform, suggesting new research theories, particularly within the context of comparison between natural and social sciences, thus providing a fertile field for research. For instance, according to the platform data-based research, boys show better results than girls in the Kangaroo contest in our country.

The sections of the platform are:

· Data description

· Gender gap; comparison of boys’ and girls’ academic performance

· Result analysis according to marzes, years and grades

· Analysis of plagiarized works

· Best results

· Map; the general picture across the country per years, age groups and marzes


Education expert Serob Khachatryan attached great importance to the development of research capacity and to the data-driven policy: “Ayb’s contests are non-standard; there’s a significant difference between our school curriculum and the assignments within these contests which are mostly based on logics and

creative attitude, and in that sense, we believe that the platform data would provide a fairly interesting picture for our education policy developers.”


Sona Koshetsyan mentioned that Ayb school contests will be held online starting from this year, in line with current requirements and challenges.

“Ayb also attaches great value to research in the field of education and evidence-based policy development based on years of experience and accurate data. For that reason, we have decided to serve the results of our continuous work to this purpose.”


Feel free to familiarize yourself with the opportunities provided by the platform; it will be open for public use for another month, following which subscription will be introduced.

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