About Us

Ayb was founded in 2006 by eight people whose idea was to serve Armenia through improved education and thereby make the best out of it.
Our Story

Today, the idea of Ayb has turned into a great educational movement that has brought together a large amount of people. It continues the Holy Translators’ movement in its unique way. By bringing together individuals from around the world who recognize the importance of education and are willing to invest in it, Ayb bonds new standards, conscious-based values, and lived realities. The idea behind the Ayb educational movement is to transform human life and the future of our country through education.

Important Facts

Ayb founders are:

  • Ashot Aslanyan (Founder of Aerosib)
  • Aram Pakhchanyan (Vice President of the ABBYY Group of Companies)
  • Arthur Berd (Founder and CEO of General Quantitative)
  • David Yang (Founder of ABBYY, Newo Inc., Morfeus.ai)
  • David Pakhchanyan (Executive Director of Aerosib)
  • Kharen Musaelian (President/CIO and Founder of Duality Group)
  • Karo Sargsyan (businessman, Founder of Spetstorg)
  • Fr. Mesrop Aramian (theologian, Director of the Vem Educational and Cultural Foundation)


Ayb has created the first internationally recognized Armenian-language educational program

Araratian Baccalaureate is recognized as equivalent to such leading and international educational programs as the UK GCE A Level and the US Advanced Placement (AP). It is recognized and accepted by the world’s 158  best universities, such as Cambridge University, University College London, Sorbonne University, and Technical University of Munich. The program’s international partners are Cambridge Assessment International Education and the Institute of Education (IoE) at University College London (UCL).

Ayb has introduced its own model of modern and technologically equipped subject laboratories

Ayb opened 11 AybLabs in schools in Yerevan, Kajaran, Berd, and Vagharshapat, which became an exemplary model of state-of-the-art subject-based labs.

Ayb has brought prestigious international competitions, educational platforms, and fab labs to Armenia

Pursuing a clear mission to make quality global education accessible to everyone and everywhere, Ayb has localized educational materials developed by Khan Academy in the Armenian language since 2017, giving an opportunity to thousands of our children, teachers, and self-learners to get free access to the resource-rich world of education.

With the purpose of instilling love and interest in school subjects among the students of the RA and Artsakh, supporting them with professional orientation, and giving them the opportunity to present themselves on local and international platforms, Ayb has organized the national stage of the World Robot Olympiad, Kangaroo International Math and Russian Bear Cub contests.

In collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA, Ayb opened two fab labs (digital fabrication laboratory) equipped with innovative high-tech tools and materials.

Ayb has 5 core values:

Excellence – constant striving to deliver the highest quality and perfect results, productivity and integrity, self-improvement and continuous development

Trust – public trust in the foundation’s activities, the team's confidence in their own mission and goals, a culture of trust among teammates

Creativity – relentless pursuit of innovation and transformation of reality, creation of a culture of innovation

Courage – pro-activeness and flexibility, timely decision-making ability, willingness to set and achieve milestones

Responsibility – respect and care for the country, people, and one’s own work, discipline and consistency, accountability and transparency

Values and Culture

Value-based education–this is what Ayb is based on. The idea of community is a fundamental value for us, so we create an environment where a new generation is formed with a strong value system, progressive views, and creative minds, and is ready to serve their country. And at this very purpose the “Identity and Values” discussion series is aimed. It can be watched on Armenia TV and Vem Radio.

Ayb System

The Ayb Educational Foundation is the founder of three Ayb structures. This is a holistic system, which makes many big and ambitious projects aimed at the systemic development of education.

Ayb School is a community school with a large social component. Opened in 2011, it is a new learning environment where unique educational technologies are developed on a national basis.

Dilijan Central School is a provincial school established in cooperation with the Central Bank of Armenia. Today it acts as a center for various educational initiatives not only in the city of Dilijan but also in the entire Tavush marz.

The National Song and Dance Academy is a foundation that was created to bring national song and dance back to everyday life and encourage the development of national identity. Today it makes national culture accessible to everyone.